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Pantelis Sistakos
Interior Design - 3D Visualization - Lighting - Landscape Design - Amyntaio Florina


Headquartered in the emblematic place of Amyntaios in Florina, the company of Pantelis Sistakos Decorator - Designer takes the world of Interior Design to new levels and gives a unique breath to every space it touches. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of design, Pantelis Sistakos and his team continue to impress with their creations that exude innovation, functionality and aesthetics.

The variety of sectors in which the company operates is impressive. From Interior Design and 3D Visualization to Lighting and Landscape Design, each section is a wealth of knowledge and skills combined to create a perfectly harmonized environment.

Pantelis Sistakos and his team undertake the construction of projects between small and large scales, executing challenges in Greece and abroad. Each project is a developing story, where the client's vision and the functionality of the space coexist with the distinctive design.

The company's collaboration with architects and engineers is the key to the realization of the big plans. Also, the team's many years of design and construction experience strengthens the reliability and guarantee of the successful implementation of the projects.

At the heart of their action, there is a common goal and passion for creation. The company's people are dedicated to delivering the best possible result in every project they undertake. From initial concept to final implementation, the team works with dedication and care to realize each client's vision and needs.

The company's philosophy embraces design as a vital form of expression. It is the embodiment of passion for aesthetics, functionality and creativity. Every project by Pantelis Sistakou Interior Design + Construction is a unique story that highlights the human ability to transform space into something unique, extraordinary and unforgettable.